2023 Acroyoga Montreal Immersion in Japan

★Acroyoga Montreal is coming to Japan for first-time Immersion!★

Jessie and Eugene founded Acroyoga Montreal in 1998. Added yoga to their existing variety dance duo to create Acroyoga and build Acroyoga Montreal (referred to as AYM below)
With the addition of the next generation, Jill and Hidie, AYM has been attracting attention from Acroyogis worldwide since its inception.

Yuri Yokose, the organizer, was fascinated by AYM and attended their Teacher Training in 2019.
She wants to encourage people in Japan and Asia to learn the traditional and still latest trend Acroyoga Montreal style worldwide.

The venue is the city of Tamba in Hyogo Prefecture (a mountain town famous for chestnuts and black beans), with rich natures and old houses.

If you want to improve your skills, if you're going to get certified to teach Acroyoga in Japan, or if you want to be fully immersed in Acroyoga, join us!

Immersion Requirements:
<Intermediate level>
- Side star
- Star
- Handstand on a wall for 30 seconds
- Reverse Star
- Croc
*Either as a base or a flyer

*This Immersion meets one of the requirements for applying for AYM Teacher Training.⁣

Teaching team:
Jill Campbell
Heidi Blais
Organiser & Assistant: Yuri Yokose
English interpreter: Mika Saito
Assistants: Kanako Kinoshita, Takafumi Sugawara

May 3rd, 2023 1:00 pm〜  May 7th, 5:00 pm

Kinukawa kaikan, Aogaki, Tamba City

The accommodation has three different facilities, with shared rooms. All accommodation is in traditional Japanese buildings. The AcroYoga venue is within walking distance, with a river nearby and lush greenery.

・First ten sign up 
88,000 yen <SOLD OUT>
・Super early bird discount
90,000 yen (until 28th February)
・Early bird discount
95,000 yen (until 31st March)
100,000 yen
・For those who cooperate with a car
3,000 yen discount

How to apply:
Please send a message to the organizer, Yuri.
and write 'Acroyoga Montreal Immersion' at the beginning of message for inquiry.

after my reply
Pay the fee by  PayPal.Me/yogaasis

【Acroyoga Montreal WS in Tokyo】

Acroyoga Montreal is coming to Japan for the first time, don’t miss this opportunity!

Integral members of the AcroYoga Montreal since 2010 and part of the Teacher Training Team since 2011, Heidi and Jill love to guide practitioners into experiences of alignment, balance, and creativity. Grounded in practicality, filled with humor, and inspiringly meticulous, their teachings bring to the forefront a sense of energetic responsibility (physically and socially)  in hopes of forging a sense of sustainability around the art of partnering.

Watch their video from the post on my Instagram:




Jill @jillacroyoga

For Jill, Acroyoga is about joyful engagement, embodied awareness, and relationship forms. Some moments that bring her deeper into the wonder of the practice include: watching someone discover Acroyoga for the first time, driving her physical abilities into new territories, pulsing with a partner through a movement or flow, and guiding someone to share this practice authentically and effectively. Jill’s practice is firmly rooted in Asana and broader yoga practice. 



Heide @heidiblais

Heidi has been teaching Acroyoga across the Americas since 2011. She firmly believes in the transformative, perspective-changing, and empowering value of partnering. Drawn toward balance but hungry to tip off-axis, Heidi has trained countless hours of hardstanding, slack-lining, high-lining, aerial arts, yoga, and partnering.


WS Schedule◆

Intro to Acroyoga Montreal ​ 12:00-15:00

Intermediate/Advance ​ 15:30-18:30

*The movements of AYM are unique and creative. We recommend taking both workshops even if you are an experienced Acro yoga practitioner.


Tokyo, Nerima


 First five sign up ¥5,500 

Early bird til Jan31 ¥6,000

After Jan31 ¥7,000

  Discount for taking both WS

 First five sign up ¥10,000  sold out

 Early bird til Jan31 ¥11,000

After Jan31 ¥13,000

Pre-req for Intermediate/Advance class

- Star / Reverse Star

- Basic Washing Machine

- Handstand on wall 30sec

How to book◆

Please message me to book your spot.

Feel free to contact me for any inquiries.